Texturizers vs. relaxers

Texturizing, produces a soft curls effect and more manageable hair but at the same time leaves hair weak and extremely susceptible to breakage and damage. Hair texturizers are not different from relaxers; Texturizers can be even more damaging than relaxers, although you might not see the damage right away, the effect is progressive and your hair will start showing the negative effects of these chemicals which are known to be accumulated.

When texturizers are used, No-one have total control of the hair texture, every strand of hair acquires a different texture some are curlier or softer than others and a big percentage becomes straight. Texturized hair, if is not given special treatment, some areas of the hair can become brittle, dry, damaged and break.(specially the areas where the texturizer eliminate more curls or the hair is straighter).  90% of people with texturized hair, at some point in time experience severe hair loss or breakage. 

Once you've made the decision to chemically straighten or texturize the hair, you must understand that your hair is to be care for.  Hot styling tools can be very handy and makes styling easier. However, these tools are really dangerous for our hair and can cause follicular degeneration, breakage and severe hair loss; specially if the hair is damaged or the tools not used properly, especially those that are used with direct contact such as: flat iron and hot combs, these tools can cause permanent scalp scarring and hair follicles damage. 

Once your hair is texturized you must stay away from hot tools and care for your hair. Give the scalp time to recuperate and avoid irreparable scalp and hair damage. Remember, Applying strong chemicals to weak or unhealthy hair, can cause serious hair and scalp damage. Seeking professional Help is our best option.

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