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Hair bleach and permanent hair dyes, can severely damage your hair

Hair bleaching is a very strong process. The chemicals components on hair bleach opens the hair cuticle to remove the natural hair color pigmentation and change the melanin molecules. The ingredients in hair bleach are different depending on the manufacturer; the most common chemicals are Ammonia, Sodium, Metasilicate, Potassium and Persulfate.

Bleach strips our natural hair pigmentation leave in it vulnerable to any and everything, In order for the permanent hair color to work, our hair shaft and cuticles has to be completely open, this process makes our hair vulnerable and can eventually become damaged. When choosing a permanent hair dye,, darker shades are the best choice., the level of chemicals or bleach is lower in dark colors'.


You should never bleach or use  a permeant hair color on coarse hair after a relaxer, bleaching or dying your hair after a relaxer is not healthy for your hair, especially if both procedures are done at the same time or too closely together. '

Never use bleach, hair peroxide or permanent hair dye, after a relaxer. Bleaching your hair can be as damaging as relaxing; using both chemicals at the same time can damage the hair follicles and cause severe scalp damage such as: Hair thinning,, permanent hair loss and baldness'. You should deep treat your for hair at least two to three weeks before using permanent hair color or bleach. 

Hair rise and some semi permanent hair colors don’t usually contain ammonia. Semi -permanent hair colors will eventually fade after several shampooing, reveling again your natural hair color.

Hair Rinse, Semi-permanent and temporary hair colors are better for our hair because, they usually deposit the color or dyes outside the hair shaft.  

During the semi-permanent coloring process, the hair shaft is not open, although sometimes, small amount of peroxide is used and pigment fractions can penetrate inside the hair shaft.  

Remember, Applying strong chemicals to weak or unhealthy hair, can cause serious hair and scalp damage. Seeking professional Help is our best option. 

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