Is your hair growing six inches every year?

Some peoples hair can grow non stop for 7 years while for others, the growth phase can be shorter.

The Natural Hair Growth phases can last two to seven years, the transitional stage can last about two weeks, while the hair resting phase lasts about three months. After that, the hair beggin to shed.

Women have been searching for a formula on how to grow Natural curls or African American hair. We often try countless amounts of products, which claim to be a miracle and make hair grow fast, indeed some of those products work, but the rate of growing is really slow "just as slow as these products manufacturers want"

Which products can really help your hair growth?

There is a formula to help African American hair to grow as long as we desire. However, the black hair care industry is doing everything they can to avoid reveling the secret about hair growth; after all if they do, there wont be a need to buy their hair growth products. There are also special proven ingredients which can dramatically increase the growth rate of the hair, but it is being utilized in small amount to control just how much they want our hair to grow and how wealthier these companies can get.

Our hair follicles experience individual and repeated cycles of active growth as well as rest. The length or phases of the cycles varies according to the individual's age, health, hair type and styling habits; weaves, braids, over-styling excessive use of heat and blow drying can damage our hair follicles and slowdown our hair growth. Our hair composition is about 15% of water and other elements such as: melanin, calcium, zinc, iodine, and iron, the rest 85% is keratin and proteins. With the use of proper treatments, moisturizers, oils and Vitamins African-American, Biracial or natural curly hair can grow as much as Caucasians.

All products are not created equally.   When purchasing hair care products, opt for moisturizers, leave-in conditioners and styling lotions. Avoid products such as, hair grease, mousse, hair spray, holding gels, etc.

Like most black women you are probably clueless as, how to retain your growth. The average hair growth is half an inch a month, this is the standard for all hair types, no matter what race you are or what hair type you have. If your hair grows half an inch a month, then every year you should have at least six inches of growth. If your hair is growing six inches every year then in two years you should have twelve inches and in three years your hair should be eighteen inches long.

Most women give up on growing their natural hair and decide to ware extensions, braids, weaves and wigs, specially black women, mainly because we have been told that black people hair can not grow as much as Caucasian people, which is wrong. “Our hair can grow as much as we want if we take care of it.  Please continue my products page I have some recommendations of effective hair growth products  and hair care tips

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Hair loss after childbirth

It is very normal for a woman to loose hair After having a baby, it is called postpartum hair loss. Women's hair go in to telogen effluvium, this happens when a larger amount is triggered to enter in to the resting stage at the same ttime while your hair is in the shedding phase. This normally takes about 3 to 4 months until the dead or resting hair sheds completely. 

In most cases postpartum hair loss is not permanent but in some cases the hair resting phase can be prolonged depending different health factors. Permanent hair loss can happen if scarring alopecia is present on the scalp, the scalp skin tissues block the follicle opening. This can also happen by outo mutation, when the white blood cells attack the hair follicle cells causing scarring and Hair loss 

Other causes for hair scaring ( just to mention a few) Heavy hairstyles such as braids, hair extensions and ponytails. 

We must learn how to care for our crown by giving it the necessary nutrition and protecting it from stress


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