Hair grease ( Petrolatum) can cause scalp damage


Over the years Hair grease was used as a moisturizer in African American or Ethnic hair care, and perhaps you even still use it on your hair and scalp.


Petrolium jelly or hair grease is very unhealthy for our scalp

Because It is a derivative of crude oil and industrial grease.


The human skin is our largest organ and it "breathes," Hair Grease  alters the skin respiration by preventing oxygen release.


Hair Grease coats the  hair, preventing moisture from getting into the hair, It also prevents the release of toxins from our hair.

Keep in mind, that your scalp has pores that absorb whatever you put on it.


Excellent for detangling and styling natural hair.
Improve elasticity,treat and nourish extremely dry brittle hair;  This is an excellent moisturizer for unrully hair, the combination of allantoine and collagen helps eliminate split ends dryness and breakage.





The scalp is one of the most abused region of our body, and we should pay attention to it.
We often neglect our scalp, not knowing that the scalp is an essential part of our hair health. Our hair color, length and texture, whether thick, coarse or thin, is conditioned by the state of our scalp. Therefore, paying extra care to the scalp is essential.

The scalp must be cleaned regularly in order to remove dead skin cells and toxins released through the scalp skin. Failing to do so may create a breeding ground for infection and hair loss problems, which can be upsetting and embarrassing, this could happed to anyone at some point in time. However,  not all scalp disorders are a result of bacterial infections. Among the most conmmon scalp issues are:
Dry Scalp: It is a common scalp problem that mostly strikes people during winter or cold climates. In this condition, the scalp becomes firm, irritated and the flakes of dead skin will be seen while combing and brushing the hair.
Dandruff: Also known as psoriasis.
Dandruff is a contagious infection. So, avoid sharing the hair care utensils of individuals having dandruff.
Scalp acne: Also known as scalp folliculitis. Folliculitis starts when hair follicles are damaged by friction from clothing, blockage of the follicle, shaving or too tight braids too close to the scalp.  

Scalp skin, must be kept healthy to ensure a healthy hair production.

We should never forget, that it is extremely important to care for  our scalp, keep in mind that, Some shampoos and other hair products may contain harsh chemicals that strip the hair and deplete natural hair oils.

Apply shampoo and various conditioners using the pads of the fingers (not the nails) and massaging them into your scalp with gentle rubbing motions.
Don't brush your hair too energetically while wet
remember to use a soothing and regenerating hair treatment at least once a week.
The use of natural oils on your scalp it is a great idea, coconut , almond, sesame, olive and so many other kind of natural oils.  Also, vitamin E oils can be really good for the care of our scalp.
Give your scalp time to recover from chemicals procedures
 You will enjoy the benefits of a healthy scalp for a very long time.
Essential oils are extractions of living plants and have many positive benefits for the scalp, these oils contain a complex combination of many active ingredients...Learn More






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