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At rihefra.com we believe in Natural Hair Beauty. Our commitment is to help you hand-in-hand with your hair care challenges by researching the Best and latest hair products specially formulated for African American hair.

We selected the most effective products for  African American hair growth and hair loss


Find the latest hair loss treatments, Accomplish, thick, healthy longer hair permanently, enjoy the best African American hair styles and hair tips.  We promote Dominican black hair care products mainly Because of the high content of natural ingredients.

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Why Dominicans use vinegar after a relaxer?

Vinegar is one of the most popular products Dominican stylist use for many different reasons.

Apple cider vinegar  acidity is very similar to the natural acidity levels of our hair...More

Are phytorelaxers really the Best Relaxers?

what makes these products different from other relaxers?

Phytorelaxers uses egg and soy based  as their basics ingredients as well as a substance derived from mushroom salts... More

Latest hair loss treatments Hair vitamins and hair tips to promote faster hair growth

Treatments and vitamins are meant to stimulate the hair follicles in order to prevent "Nutrient Deficient Follicles"...More

The most effective hair oil treatments

African American hair tips

Hair oils that are great to improve hair growth and eliminate split ends, these Oils can also  help stop hair loss and improve hair growth..More

Dominican hair products are extremely beneficial to ethnic and Africa American hair and are known to do wonders for Black Hair Textures due to the excellent natural ingredients.

Black women and African Americans in particular have suffered from years of hair abuse. Dominican hair products reverse the damage stop breakage and hair loss

Dominican Hair Products are specially formulated with exceptional quality hair care ingredients,  to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair loss, repair hair damage, and promote healthy scalp

All Hair Types can benefit from Dominican Hair products. Curly ,wavy, coarse, and straight.

The people from the Dominican Republic are quite mixed, some have traces of their Indian and European ancestors while others resemble their African antecedents. This means, that the products are fabricated maintaining everyone in mind.

The main Purpose for using Protein treatments is to replace the Keratin and the strength our hair looses When is exposed to any chemical products or is damaged by excess of heat and other factors...MORE

Is your hair growing six inches every year?  

African American hair -hair tips

Yes, this is the standard for all hair types.

products to make your hair grow fast...MORE

The best round brushes and blow dryers, specially those preferred by Dominican hair stylist and used in professional hair salons.  RoundBrushes

The best round brushes for curly hair are those that  redistribute the oil close cuticle...More

A healthy scalp produces healthy hair

Hair tips to ensure hair loss prevention and a healthy hair production. The scalp must be kept healthy to achieve healthier  longer hair  If the scalp is not cleaned regularly...MORE

Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair vitamins help your hair in many different ways.  Some hair vitamins are better than others, there are important ingredient to consider for hair health and growth...More

Are Lye Relaxer Better Than No Lye?

Hair relaxers or perms are meant to completely change our natural curl pattern; The Difference between Lye and no lye relaxer is...More

A guide to some of the best curly hair care products in existence.

We research and select the best Hair Care Products, Great therapeutic approach to African American Hair Care,  to enhance our hair curls and texture...More

Why is your hair falling out after bleaching?

The chemicals components on hair bleach, opens the cuticle, removes the natural pigmentation of your hair color, and also change the melanin molecule...More

Slow hair growth can be caused by normal genetic trait.

"the hair feels, brittle frizzy, coarse and breaks easily" malnourished follicles produce weak hair and slow hair growth More



Chicki Halka is  specially created for kids curly hair to, enhance hair texture, eliminate dehydration, breakage, and stimulate hair growth... More

Baba De Caracol  hair treatments deeply repair. contains natural antibiotic which destroy bacteria in the skin helping the elimination of dandruff and other scalp conditions... More

BOE Crece Pelo Combo Set for Hair Growth

Can help you achieve longer hair

Natural plant ingredients for good hair health. Improve African American hair growth...More

The key to great curls

Biracial curly, or coarse hair is different from other hair types.  there are many wonderful solutions to help us embrace our curls...More

Find best black hair care products in existence used by Dominican hair salons

You will always find great products in Dominican Hair Salons, Products to repairs and strengthens the hair these products are highly effective.  


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